Southwest LaughFest Paris, TX


Winner of Paris TX Satellite Ryan Perrio

LMAO Comedy Club in Paris, TX was the first venue to break ground on the preliminaries for the Number Juan Tequila Southwest LaughFest and it was a hell of a night! Comedian Adam Dominguez hosted as 10 performers took the stage for a packed crowd and delivered their best jokes but the crowd had the final say and they choose Ryan Perrio by a very narrow margin.
Weather was not stellar, but the contestants were! A lot of the audience were blown away at the talent these comedians brought to LMAO’s Each comic rocked the crowd from quick-witted Brandon Davidson to Parker Slavens, who is still relatively new to the comic scene, yet performed like it was already his livelihood. Even 10 year old Saffron Herndon had the audience in an uproar with her comedy about her dad, drag queen Barbie dolls, and Kurt Cobain. She placed 2nd. Heavy hitters like M.J. Moody, Steve Herndon, Jasmine Ellis, Kristen O’Brien, and Tim Schultz had clearly honed their material for the competition. They were in full effect as attendees judged and got a taste of the kind of production LaughterHours can put together.
LaughterHours Comedy gives a big thanks to Daryl Felsberg and the LMAO Comedy Club, andespecially to all the attendees for helping make this show a success!

Southwest LaughFest Paris was a amazing way to start this festival, but will the other cities be able to bring the funny and win all the laughs in the Southwest? San Antonio, we’re coming for you next!