Everything Fun Happens LaughterHours!

LaughterHours Comedy was founded in 2008 as comedy social club is, as of 2014, a full fledge comedy promotions business and part of LHC Marketing. We’re a company dedicated to the advancement of  all shapes, forms, and sizes of professional comedic entertainment in El Paso.

Founded by Gibbs Saad and currently helmed by a team of 4 dedicated individuals, who also happen to be aspiring comedians, LaughterHours Comedy is currently the best comedy promotions company in El Paso, Texas.


Currently hosting  weekly events at several local venues like El Paso Comic Strip (Central), Jack’s Beach House (East), Funkmeyers Rec Room (East), Hiney’s Sports Restaurant (East), Shamrock’s Irish Pub (Fort Bliss),  Leo’s Cantina (Downtown), Pint & Peanut (Downtown) we are the #1 source for local comedy talent in the area!


We host our own website, www.LaughterHoursComedy.com, where we feature original sketches, podcasts, videos, comedy articles, performer profiles, and news of everything going on in El Paso and surrounding areas, always with a comedic twist. The website is updated regularly with the latest information, and it serves as a great marketing tool to keep the community at large informed on LaughterHours Comedy sponsored events, including comedy showcases, trivia challenge and karaoke promotion events held throughout El Paso.


LaughterHours Comedy is also very interested in helping out the community and its artists. After all, we wouldn’t be where we are without the audience that support us. LaughterHours Comedy for a Cause! is a program designated to help charities, non-profit organizations, and the community in general with organizing, scheduling, promoting, and everything needed to have a successful event of any kind. LaughterHours Comedy has years of experience in this field, having received numerous awards and recognitions from organizations and the city for our efforts in helping the community at large.


In honoring our beginnings as a social club, we have made it our duty to help all those involved in our comedy community, from fans and friends to performers. Comedians are all around you; they even may work with you. See that guy in the office cubicle in front of you? Or the salesperson at the cell phone store? They go to open mics, sing karaoke, even do trivia at night after they leave work and you don’t even know it! We build strong connections with all of our clients, audiences and followers to help us better promote our craft to everyone.


LaughterHours Comedy is not just a business, it is a place where people with similar interests can convene, socialize, and create! We want to advance all types of creative endeavors. We use these talents along with today’s most innovative marketing and promotional techniques to help our clients and sponsors get their brand, their name, or their product seen by the best target market. Humor is one of the best tools for connecting with most people and as comedians we know how to use it.


Some businesses and organizations that have benefited from our services in the past include Leo’s Restaurant, Jack’s Beach House, El Paso Foster Parent Association, Maverick’s Bar & Grill,  Fort Bliss MWR programs, UTEP, NMSU, EPISD, SISD,  El Paso Comic Strip, Clicks Billiards, and Funkmeyers Rec Room, to name a few. They’ve helped  make us into the #1 company for comedy promotions and marketing in El Paso. We want to increase that range to include the entire Southwest.

LaughterHours marketing team includes some of the best graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and web developers in town and an entertainment team that includes some of the best talent El Paso has to offer, we guarantee quality, professional services and products for a fraction of what big-name or out-of-town companies would cost. Like many start-up event marketing companies, we need some sponsors and supporters. That’s why the Southwest Laughfest is the perfect event to sponsor!